What is the “lip lift”? For what purpose is it done?

In some individuals, the distance between the nose and the upper lip is longer than it should be. Individual factors, the thin and inverted lip structure, the widening of the upper lip-nose distance after rhinoplasty operation (nasal tip rotation is usually increased in rhinoplasty) can be shown as the reasons for this situation. It is aimed to treat this condition with the “lip lift” procedure.

How is “lip lift” performed?

This procedure is done with an incision placed on the lower border of the nose (subnasal region), extending to the inside of the nostrils and the wings of the nose. Some tissue is removed between the nose and upper lip in accordance with the plan and the long nose-upper lip distance is shortened. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes an average of 30 minutes. The sutures used are absorbable and these sutures do not need to be removed.


What is the post-operative period after the “lip lift”?

After the procedure, special tapes (strips) are placed on the incision area. Since local anesthesia is applied, the patient can return home after the procedure and the patient can return to his daily routine 1 day after the procedure. When the effect of local anesthesia disappears, minimal pain and edema in the form of tingling are expected and will pass in a short time. You can take a shower over the bands 2 days after the procedure.


Is the “lip lift” procedure permanent?

Unlike lip filler applications, this procedure is performed with a surgical incision and some tissues are removed. Therefore, the effect of the procedure is permanent. However, an increase in the upper lip-nose distance may occur again in advancing ages.


Will there be any scars after the “lip lift” procedure?

This procedure is done with an incision, unlike lip filler applications, and as it is known, there will always be a scar wherever the incision is made. This scar is located in the sub-nasal region (on the lower border of the nose, inside the nostrils and on the edge of the nose wings) (not on the upper lip edge). The scar will be evident in the early period after the procedure, but the visibility of this scar will decrease over time with proper wound care and regulation of external factors (sun protection, not smoking, etc.). It should be noted that wound healing continues for 6 months to 1 year. At the same time, the place where the scar is located is a suitable area to be camouflaged.


With which operations can the “lip lift” be combined?

Lip lift surgery can be combined with lip filler applications when deemed necessary. Since the scar used in this procedure is similar in shape and region to the scar used in open rhinoplasty surgery, a combination of lip lift and rhinoplasty is another procedure that can be performed.


What are the differences between the “lip lift” procedure and the lip filler applications?

“Lip lift” and lip filler applications are completely different from each other. The “lip lift” procedure is performed with an incision placed on the lower border of the nose. It is based on the principle of shortening this distance by removing a part of tissue between the nose and the upper lip. In this procedure, the upper lip turns slightly outward, but thickening of the lip should not be expected. In the application of lip fillers, it is aimed to increase the lip volume and thicken the lip by injection of filler (See Lip Fillers Section). The “lip lift” leaves a mark, but the results are permanent. Lip augmentation is not permanent (permanent approximately 1 year), but it does not leave any scar. In the lip lift procedure, it is aimed to increase the prominence of the upper lip by shortening the upper lip-nose distance, while the prominence and volume of both the upper and lower lips are increased in lip filler applications. These two applications can be combined when deemed necessary.



“Lip lift” is an aesthetic procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia, is relatively simple and has a fast recovery time. Compared to fillers, its permanence seems to be an advantage but the scar it leaves seems to be a disadvantage. It should be noted that the “lip lift” procedure and lip filler applications and the effect of these applications on the lips are quite different from each other. At this point, I would like to emphasize the importance of deciding with your doctor which method would be more suitable for you. You can browse the related articles in the References section. Best regards.